‘Ghost In The Shell’ VR arcade game is a four-on-four firefight

For everybody that’s watched Ghost in the Shell and thought to themselves, “yes, I too would like to experience tearing tanks apart with my bare hands,” your day has come. Well, sort of. Bandai Namco has partnered with VR Zone Shinjuku, a 40,000-square foot VR arcade center, to develop an eight player competitive shooter based on the GiTS universe and they’re calling it Ghost in the Shell: Arise Stealth Hounds.

The game is set on a 20m x 12m flat arena with the eight players split evenly into teams of four. Each competitor wears a custom VR headset and PC backpack as well as VR markers on their wrists, ankles and hips. The room’s motion tracking system uses these markers to translate the user’s movements into the VR experience. And while there aren’t any physical objects in the arena for the players to navigate, their headsets generate a virtual maze of obstacles that they must overcome.

Users will play as a rookie member of Major Kusanagi’s strike force on a mission to eliminate enemy combatants. In addition to running, ducking and jumping through the virtual halls, players will be able to exploit special powers like optical camouflage and cyberbrain hacking to complete their missions (fingers crossed for superhuman tank-tearing strength). The game opens to the public on December 9th.