Love Island’s Jonny Mitchell LYING about millionaire lifestyle on Instagram – using Airbnb and his dad’s car

Love Island fans were shocked to discover Jonny Mitchell is a ‘secret millionaire’ earlier this week.

However, despite his Instagram account showing him to enjoy an extremely luxurious jet-set lifestyle, filled with high-end cars and exotic holidays, all is not as it seems.

Sources close to Jonny have claimed he’s completely faked his millionaire image – using Airbnb rentals and his dad’s car.

Speaking to The Sun , a source said: “Jonny isn’t a millionaire. His Instagram profile isn’t a true representation of his life.

“The white Mercedes-Benz pictured on his page belongs to his dad and the apartment is rented from Airbnb.

(Image: jonny_mitchell1991/Instagram)
He used an Airbnb rental (Image: jonny_mitchell1991/Instagram)
Jonny was posting fake watches (Image: jonny_mitchell1991/Instagram)

“He posts a lot of ‘throwback’ pictures from exotic holidays which gives the impression that he’s always abroad.

“But in reality the snaps are taken from a few holidays that he spent with his ex-girlfriend.

“Most of his designer watches are fakes, he barely works and the majority of his time is spent in the gym.”

Jonny’s Instagram makes it seem he’s constantly jetting around the world in first class, but the sources also added he’s only travelled First Class once!

Jonny has only flown first class once (Image: jonny_mitchell1991/Instagram)
He posts a lot of throwbacks (Image: jonny_mitchell1991/Instagram)
He was on holiday with his ex (Image: jonny_mitchell1991/Instagram)

And official documents reveal his own companies have failed to generate major profits.

According to The Sun, one business, Shopaeon Limited, reported losses of £9,554 last year, while his other business JM Care (Essex) Ltd is currently in the process of being closed after its most recent accounts saw profits of just £363, with a loss of £8,849 the year before.

But all isn’t lost for Jonny, as he still has a 24 per cent stake in his father’s successful care homes business, which made profits of £219,280 last year – with Jonny’s share of that worth a tidy £52,627.