Thought pink rivers only exist in fairy tales? Here you can see one for real

The river changes its colour after heavy rainfall when a sediment called agrolite gets mixed with the water making it pink or even red. (Source: Seemorntravel/Instagram)

Ever seen a bubble-gum pink river? Or maybe tomato-red waters? Yes, there is actually a river like that which changes its colour reacting to extremely heavy rainfall, but that’s only for a short while, and one has to be present at the right spot and the right time to catch this magical moment. The Cameron Falls in Canada has many colours and faces. While on some days the river has crystal-clear serenity, on others the river has been known to turn bubble-gum pink and even tomato red when light falls on it.

It’s no witchcraft of a remote land, nor the deception of Photoshop, but a sediment called agrolite that gets mixed with the river water when it rains heavily. This sediment makes the river appear pink or tomato-red, depending on the amount of light falling on it. The river with a touch of pink looks nothing less than a waterfall out of a fairytale, but only few have been fortunate enough to behold this spectacular phenomenon. One such person is Rochelle Coffey, who not just saw the pink river but also the magnificent process of the river slowly changing its colour. “Earlier in the day there was heavy rainfall, which isn’t uncommon, but the conditions must have been just right to bring down that much sediment,” she told Daily Mail.

The Cameron Falls is located in Alberta’s Wateron Lakes National Park, Canada. It is surreal and has been a major attraction for tourists and photographers from all over the world. These photographers say that the best time to see the river change colour is summer or spring seasons, which are seasons of heavy rainfall.

If you are a connoisseur of freak science or just a lover of nature’s assets, then Cameron Falls is a must on your bucket list. But make sure to plan it during heavy rainfalls as even then you have a very rare chance of seeing the pink river.